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Cloning experts agree, the EZ-Clone cloning system is the simplest way to clone any type of plant. Simply take any number of cuttings from your donor plant and place them into the EZ-Clone cloning system. Once the unit is plugged in, the Patent Pending aeroponic system will take care of the rest. EZ-Clone's nearly hands free system allows you to focus on other things while your clones are busy sprouting massive root structures starting in as little as five days with 100% results.


Benefits of the EZ-CLONE Cloning system
* Accommodate up to 120 cuttings simultaneously
* Provided neoprene collars hold cuttings and remove need for other mediums.
cuttings        * Custom designed ABS plastic enclosure provides high capacity in space conscious form - factor
* Patent Pending aeroponic system does all the work under the hood.
* See roots in as little as 5 days.
* 100% success rate, Money back guarantee
* Highly knowledgeable technical support staff available to assist your needs.

Follow instructions below for E Z Clone.

  • Flurescent Light (preferably T5) must be 8 - 10 inches above clones
  • Maintain about a 75 F Air temp and water should be around 72 - 75 F
  • Maintain PH at 6.3 and Mist your clones 2-3 times a day
  • Use mild nutrients in system.
1. Dip cuttings into separate container to avoid contamination
 ( Olivia's or other rooting gel) and insert cutting 1-1/2 inches
 passed neoprene collar. *Do quickly so you do not stress clone*
2. Place collar with clone in it into EZ Clone System and put under 24 hours of light

Rockwool Cloning Guide

1. In a 5 gallon bucket, fill with 3 gallons of water
2. Add 13 drops of Superthrive per gallon (39 drops total)
3. Adjust PH level of water to 5.0
4. Add rockwool cubes to water and soak for 24 hours
5. Next day pull cubes out of water and extract 80% of the water from the cube
6. Put some of your cloning gel/powder into a clean small cup
7. Take some of the water you soaked the cubes in and put into a clean bowl
8. Cut clones at a 45º angle and place cut end in the bowl of water for 20 minutes
9. Dip cuttings in gel/powder and insert cutting into cube
10. If hole provided in cube is not the right size, then make a new hole
11. Place cube with clone in it into prop flat (30-35 per flat), place humidity
dome on flat and put under 24 hours of light
12. Clean domes of moisture at least twice per day
13. In 4-5 days or when very dry, add small amount of water to each cube.
Be sure to keep cubes moist not wet.
(dip cube in bowl of water about ½ way up) If Superthrive is not available,
Use another B1 product. (B52 / Vitamax / Thrive Alive)

Any other questions feel free to call us at 1-800-227-1322
or email us at

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